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Organize and save your pearls!

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As a Nurse Practitioner, I would gather treatment recommendations, unique pearls, notes and info and store into a make shift address book. The address book became messy, disorganized and started to fall apart. These practice notebooks are created for each profession-divided by systems for the Medical and Nursing. The books are divided into 16 sections-pertinent to practice needs-durable lined pages and a double pocket folder for storage.

Medical Assistant Practice Notebook is divided into 12 sections pertinent to a Medical Assistant needs.

Input your notations, facts and pearls to develop a patient care management tool, one that is specific to your practice needs. Organize practice skills and enjoy greater success in your career.

"Put your insulin charts under Endo, Cardiac Arrest algorh under Emerg,  put your Hepatitis lab work up under GI. Can't spell menometrorrhagia-put it in the book. If there is not a system in the book you need, use the blank Tab in the back and create your own system."


"The Medical Notebook is perfect for students and practitioners alike. I love the way it is divided up into specialties making the information quick and easy to find. The small book fits in your white coat pocket or can just sit on your desk so you always have it right on hand. The best part is you put whatever information you want in this professional looking book. Every student and provider should have one of these books. I’m so glad I found this product." 
Betsy Taylor, PA Student

"This book has been a tremendous help to me. It has helped me to keep and organize information that I use on a daily basis. I can conveniently keep my book in my scrub pocket and pull it as as needed." 
Tammy Collins, MA - Chandler, AZ