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Urology Pearl: Add to your Practice Notebook Microscopic Hematuria:

<50 years old -CT Scan and/pelvis without contrast

>50 years old -CT abd/pelvis with contrast

Gross Hematuria

CT urogram


Here's a pearl you can add to Hem/Onc or Cardio section of your Practice Notebook. Change from Coumadin to Eloquist-if INR <= 2 start Eloquist. A-Fib 5 mg BID. Acute DVT 10mg BID x 1 week then BID. DVT proph-2.5mg BID


Hyperlipidemia: Check ALT if not 3 times normal-ok to start statin.

Hypertriglyceride: Niacin 500 and Omega (I use Lovaza 2 gms BID)


Here is a pearl that I use often for my patients who are on estrogen and have vaginal dryness.  

Add 2 gm PV q doc for 3 weeks off one week

1.5 gm pv q noc for 3 weeks off one week

1/2 gm pv q non for 3 weeks off one week.


Pets UTI patients

Girls less than 5 years

Boys any age

renal Ultrasound

VCUG (6 weeks after start of treatment)


Here is a good pearl to place in your Endo section: 

Decreased TSH ----Free T4 is > 1.7 (getting too much synthroid-need to decrease dose) 

T3 is > 3 is good (means converting into T3)


HI, Welcome to our blogspot.   The goal of this Blog is to share pearls, unique treatment plans, guidelines, notes , charts that can be cut and taped and more…..


The Practice Notebooks were originally developed in 2006.  The Practice Notebook was created out of a need to keep pearls, that you gather along the way, in an organized system, that fits in your lab coat.  A double pocket folder for storage.  The book contains 16 sections divided by systems.


The Medical Practice Notebook is geared for MD-DO-NP-PA.

The Nursing Practice Notebook also has 16 sections and geared for hospital nurses.


Medical Assistant Practice Notebook is divided by 12 MA specific sections.  It is a perfect book to write down or cut and tape frequently misspelled words, surgical prep lists, drug calculations, immunizations and etc


Be as creative as you want with your book.  Cut and tape charts, write down treatment plans that you don’t want to forget, lab tests needed for abnormal lab values and etc. 






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